Female pattern

In the past, majority of the male population suffered from lack of hair and hair loss. However, due to evolving society, women have also started addressing the hair loss problems. Besides that, changes are observed in the age category of patients.

Also patients of 10-20 age group seek for treatment too. It is worth noting that every year the number of visitors increases.

Female Pattern hair loss as well as the male pattern may begin and increase especially in top of the head. However, the main feature is a general thinning of a hair and hair loss all over the head.

In comparison with the male pattern of hair loss, transmission of hair problems and its reliance on heredity is very small. In general, the causes of hair loss are severe psychological stress, malaise, severe illness, lifestyle and eating habits.


  1. Psychological stress leads to weakness of heart and liver functions.
  2. Strict diet and improper nutrition lead to mineral deficiency and problems of the digestive system
  3. Lack of physical exercise, frequent malaise, circulatory system problems and poor stress stability.
  4. Scalp problems
  5. Harmful chemical and physical impacts after hair coloring and hair perming.
  6. Abnormal functioning of ovaries, uterus, thyroid and other hormonal disorders.
  7. Side-effects of medications (contraceptives, steroids, drugs affecting the function of the thyroid gland, medicines for cancer therapy, pressure etc).


  1. not only the external symptoms, but also the internal;
  2. Malfunction of the temperature control system of the body;
  3. Symptoms in the form of redness of the face and scalp;
  4. Cold extremities (hands & feet);
  5. Digestive problems;
  6. Malfunction of the circulatory system;
  7. Tightening sensation in the neck, back and waist, and muscular pain;
  8. allergic reactions;
  9. Mood swings and other reasons

Stepwise Treatment:

  1. Relaxation and restoration of circulatory system 
    The female body is the most predisposed to the perception of psychological influence. It is therefore necessary to strengthen the body's resistance to psychological stress, and normalize the circulatory system, which plays an important role in nurturing the cells of the scalp with necessary minerals and compounds.
  2. Strengthening the functions of the entire organism
    the liver and the heart functions normalization gives a direct impact on the growth and structure of the hair. Besides that, restoration of digestive system provides the necessary nutrients access to the organism. Overall strengthening of the body helps to restore the immune system. This improves the body's stress resistance and relieves tension.
  3. Restoration and normalization of hormonal balance 
    The imbalance of male and female hormones in the female body leads to a variety of abnormalities, to one of which hair loss can be attributed. Therefore it is very important to maintain hormonal state in balance, thus preventing the risk of alopecia and deterioration of previous state of hairline.
  4. The new hair growth stimulation
    Focused treatment of strong and healthy hair growth, as well as functional recovery of the new hair growth in the early stages of baldness.

Treatment Methods:

  1. RH-0 (Drinking type):is the most effective therapeutic drug which eliminates the cause of the disease, affecting the most important organs for the healthy functioning of the human body such as circulatory system, hormonal balance, strengthening of the liver, heart and lungs.
  2. Rh-s(1): reducing the number of falling hair, as well as enriching with necessary minerals and compounds to stimulate the growth of new shoots.
  3. RH-2:stimulation of blood circulation, enrichment of a bulb and a hair shaft power supply at the micro level.
  4. BB FOOD:contains the minerals necessary to the hair structure and compounds necessary for the strong and healthy hair growth. Complex of the compounds provides the entire body with daily dosage of nutrient and minerals.