One-Stop System

For the convenience of patients with alopecia or diseases of the scalp and hair, Lee Moon Won Oriental Clinic has a unique system called ONE-STOP. ONE-STOP system is a complex of all possible types of professional services in the field of Trichology, as well as in style and beauty. Lee Moon Won Oriental Clinic appreciates your time for finding our clinic for quality care and hair care. Give the care and maintenance of your hair in the hands of experts!

Dr. Lee Moon Won's Scientific Research Work

The professionalism and tireless work on the improvement of methods and products for the treatment of alopecia gave many answers to solving hair and scalp problems. Dr. Lee Moon Won provides you only the best achievements of the laboratory experiments based on a combining of the Korean Traditional and modern medicine.

Hair loss and Dermatology

Having the knowledge in the field of dermatology Dr. Lee Moon Won will help you not only to strengthen the hair structure, but also solve the problems of the scalp (dandruff, problem skin, irritation, inflammation, pustules). Dr. Lee Moon Won also can provide you an assistance in the scalp preparation for the scalp transplantation operation to achieve sustained and successful outcome of the further operation.

Professional Hair-designer

Ordinary hair salons can harm or aggravate the condition the patient's hair. Therefore, the clinic has special room for the "Hair Lab" beauty salon, where you can get all kinds of hairdressing services provided by an experienced hair-designer professional working with clients having alopecia. Our designer,Miss Kim Uengyung will pick up a proper hair-design and tell you how to always look beautiful and stylish. The information on using the LMW products and the selection of high-quality wig are also available in the clinic.

Hair loss and nutritionist services.

Nutrition is also strongly affects the structure and health of the hair. Our expert consultant nutritionist will help you restore the body's mineral deposits and develop the necessary dietary habits. You can also get a nutrition analysis and recommendations in our clinic.

Wig Fitting & Wig Order.

Wig helps cover up deficiencies of the hair coverage. However, incorrect wig can be fatal to the condition of the hair. Without need of visiting other shops, in the LMW Oriental clinic you get a chance to pick up a wig of a suitable size, color and superior quality. It is all convenient, fast and safe to do in LMW Oriental Clinic!

Nursing and Care at Home.

Without harm to scalp and hair, the clinic developed a range of high-quality organically natural products for hair care and styling at home. Each product is a result of personal laboratory studies and experiments of Dr. Lee Moon Won.

Therefore LMW products differ in quality and efficiency in use.