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LEE MOON WON clinic operating with ‘LMW Hair Lab’ beauty salon, where professional hair-designer will provide you any type of professional hair- style service based on hair and scalp condition.

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Medical Haircut

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Medical Hair Coloration

Women’s haircut and hair loss

In case of female hair loss, in order to cover hair imperfections, it is important to focus on volume creation.

Diagram below shows gradation technique of volume haircut:

As it is shown in the picture, the upper layer of the hair is longer than the lower part, so such haircut gives the hair more volume due to interaction of upper and lower layers. The angle of cutting is also playing key part in creating proper hair style

By visiting LMW Oriental Clinic you will be able to obtain best hair style that will fit and adjust all individual peculiarities of your hair type and structure!

Men’s Haircut

During selection of hair style for men with signs of hair loss, it is necessary to focus on creating of thick hair look. One way to create such effect is to have haircut in boxer style.

However for wavy and thin hair tight and blocked styles are not recommended, so it is better to use layered techniques to create volume by combining layers. Desired stylish look can be reached using additional hair beauty products (hair gel or wax)

In the case of significant difference in amount of hair in front and crown part, back and side hair kept in a long layers, so it will be easy to maintain style of neat shape and cover problematic area.

Key Recommendations:

  1. Extremely layered haircut can create heavy look on ends and absence of hair on crown part, so not only number of layers are important but the degree of each created layer. Correct gradation technique will provide you with desired hair style.
  2. During obvious signs of hair loss on long hair it is better to have hair cut to hide symptoms of imperfection.
  3. It is recommended periodically to chance direction of hair parts, as hair helps scalp tissues to recover and prevent hair loss.
  4. Avoid often use of hair styling products such as hair wax or gel.
  5. Dry hair along the direction of growth.
  6. Styling hair following hair natural direction makes it easier to hide imperfections.


Maintaining the hair and scalp healthy!

- Curling (perming) without thermal effects
- Quick and delicate process of curling (perming)
- Minimum contact of the scalp and tools for curling
- Protein nutrition for strength and health of hair


Medical Frases

Voluminous hair and beautiful curls for people with problem skin needing regeneration and rejuvenation.

It is a perm treatment which gives volume and wave to hair by enhancing scalp regeneration off troubled scalps and old scalps.

Medical Crantee

Add volume and beautiful curls without harm for problematic scalp. Individual selection of the amount of products for resistant perm and long perm effect. The possibility of perm over short hair.

A long-lasting perm treatment which gives volume and texture with thick supple curls, helps scalp regeneration of troubled and aging scalps, enables heat control depending on hair damage and forms wave curls with appropriate low temperature with minimal damage. Also makes natural waves and curls in short hairstyles which are difficult with the ordinary perm technique.

Medical Magic Cheveux Plats

Resolving problems of the scalp cell regeneration, creating and beautiful curls on wavy and unruly hair. After perm it is recommended to use shampoo and conditioner free of sulfates.

Helps scalp generation of problem in aging scalps, as a perm which makes severe curly hair or parched fuzzy hair into supple silky hair. It can be used as a hair correction therapy which enables shine and suppleness. However, variation of the other perms may become difficult if you treated many times. Hair turns alkaline after treatment, so sub acidic shampoo and conditioner are recommended to use.

Medical Volume magic Cheveux Plants

Creating volume and accurate look to entire hairdo, making the hair obedient and styled into the shape. This type of perm is ideal for those who are tired of boring straight hair and permanent hair-dry.

By adding volume to hair, as a perm which makes parched fuzzy and curly hair into a supple silky as if blow- dried, enables curly twisted hair correction and natural styling when you’re bored of hard uniform image of magic straight perm?

Magic Crantee

Delicate perm of hair, which simplifies the process of hair-drying and gives the whole hairdo healthy and a silk look. The hair becomes strong and elastic, in addition perming does not have any harmful effects on the skin, and strengthens and restores tissues of problematic skin and contributes to the rejuvenation.

As a handy-to-style perm which helps scalp regeneration of problems and aging scalps, strengthen the curls at the scalp and makes thick supple curls at the same time, you can obtain undamaged supple curls by minimizing hair damage with micro-heat of low temperatures by retrofitting the disadvantages of the conventional setting perm. You can style iron-dried curls and diverse designs. Appropriate for short hair as well.

Regenerating Perm

A week after hair perm, the patient undergoes a recovery procedure of organic herbal masks for hair and scalp. This procedure will help restore damaged skin tissues and hair, as well as enrich necessary minerals to stimulate regeneration and self-healing. Regardless of the type of perm, you can restore the scalp and hair for an additional fee of 30,000 KRW (30 USD).


To create natural volume and healthy look for thin and weak hair. Best choice for those who want obtain not only modern and new style, but shorten their time for hair styling everyday morning.

3. Top Class Medical (Healthy) Hair Treatment

Chemical composition of hair dyes, dry climate, over-dryness, air pollution, and other external pathogens destroy the hair structure, making them fragile and weak. The Treatment procedure helps restore the protective function of the hair, enrich protein of hair and give your hair natural elasticity and shine.

Medical (Healthy) Hair Coloration

Safe Hair Coloring:

SAECARM Hair Color DOES NOT CONTAIN 8 chemical elements that cause burning of the skin and eye shell - ammonia, tar, hydrogen peroxide, sodium salt of boric acid, parabens, benzophenone, mineral oil, p-phenylenediamine.

Dr. Lee Moon Won, considering the needs of customers developed hair dye that does not have harmful effects on the scalp and hair structure.


Medical Cheveu Blanc Raciné

- Delicate coloring of gray hair roots with safe dye SAECAM.

Medical Cheveu Blanc Total Coloration

- Careful coloring of gray hair and hair roots, without earlier coloration, using Saecam color

Medical Coloration

- Careful coloring any type of hair using dye SAECAM

Medical Hair Manicure

- Strengthening its hair color, distinctive shine and silkiness to hair.

* Improper application of hair manicure may dull and dry hair. Therefore, it is the best to leave conducting the procedure by professionals.

Key Recommendations:

  • There are problems of hair loss and sensitive scalp.
  • Inconvenience related to the effect of ammonia using common means for coloring
  • Hair thinness, lack of volume and therefore the fear of pulling out of gray hair.
  • Early appearance of gray hair
  • Corrupted hair due to frequent hair coloring.