Definition of Alopecia areata.

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Alopecia areata is disease which symptoms appear in a form of a coin size intensive hair falling spots. Alopecia areata spots have clear shape and in majority cases such bald spots appear suddenly, without any prior signs. In general alopecia areata appear on scalp hair, but in some cases damages beard, eye lashes, eye brows, armpit and rest areas of body hair. Alopecia areata has different classification, which are different from one to other based on size and shape of each hair loss patches.


Alopecia areata causes.

1. Autoimmune system dysfunctions.

Alopecia areata can be provoked by influence of external factors combination which results in immune system dysfunction on follicles, and till now known as the most common cause for alopecia. In other words, it can be explained as failure by body its own cells on certain area, further abruption of hair as foreign body, so resulting hair to fall creating bald spot. Alopecia spots occurrence is important signals of the body about health related condition or improper lifestyle, which has severe effect as well as on type as hardness of certain diseases. Other than immune system, alopecia may occur due to stress impact, hormonal imbalance, or recently added in medicine peripheral nerve abnormality, however for the present moment there are no known methods in medicine or science to distinguish exact cause of alopecia.

2. Immunity level decrease.

Weakening of body immunity with age, physical changes during adolescences and menopause are all together known as conditions when our body is easily can be affected by alopecia arising and its long duration for recovery. Weak immunity results in fragile of total immune system functioning. In other words decreased level of immunity can stand as well as cause as condition for worsening the situation.

Forms of alopecia areata.

1. Solitary Alopecia Areata.

Is the form of one patch of hair loss.


2. Multiple Alopecia Areata.

Multiple alopecia areata characterized by several small and clear shapes patches of hair loss across the scalp. Sometimes may arise in a form of connected 'net' pattern patches.


3. Multiple Ophiasis Alopecia Areata (snake pattern alopecia)

Is the form of alopecia pattern in which multiple patches are joined together, creating wider areas of hair loss. Snake patterns are localized on sides and lower back of the scalp, and received such name due to similar shape of snake, which is covering the shape of scalp starting from laurel crown to back side of head.


4. Alopecia Totalis

Alopecia Totalis is extreme stage of alopecia when entire scalp has lost its hair.


5. Alopecia Univesalis

Alopecia Universalis is another form of extreme alopecia when hair lost not only on scalp, but entire body (scalp, eye brow, eye lashes, armpit and body hair).

* Alopecia areata may arise even on healthy person without any health diseases, but relately rare compare to people with atopic dermatitis, down syndrome, thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, vitiligo or any other similar immune dysfunction diseases. Presence of additional health related problems increasing probability of extreme forms of alopecia such as alopecia totalis or universalis.

Division of alopecia areata with other diseases.

Primary symptoms of alopecia has similarities with other health related diseases. It is important to classify each to match proper method of treatment for each case.

1. Folliculitis (follicle inflammation) or furuncle caused hair loss.

There are known cases of arose suppuration on follicle surround area which damages follicle itself, so resulting in hair loss afterwards. Same as scar after pimples, scalp becomes dent and sometimes sores remained. If light forms of inflammation, hair can start grow back again, however in severe forms scarring process changes ability of follicle to hair grow with no chances to recover.


2. Scleroderma.

Scleroderma is known as 'scarred or hardened' tissues of skin and known as one of autoimmune disorder. Occurrence of 1st scleroderma symptoms similar to alopecia, however affected by scleroderma follicles are steadily disappearing and skin scarring increases. Due to hardening of tissues, scleroderma makes it impossible to restore hair growth, so it makes important to distinguish alopecia from such disease as scleroderma.

Targets of alopecia treatment.

1. Control of autoimmune system fluctuations: normalization of immune system functioning on scalp, strengthening of stress resistance abilities of body to prevent recurrence of symptoms.

2. Decrease overall level of tension on body and improvement of blood circulation on scalp.

3. Strengthening of body immunity.

Alopecia treatment medicine.

1. Korean Herbs Internal Medicine.

1.1 Alopecia treatment medicine for 2 times a day oral intake (morning & evening).

1.2 Three different types available:'Water type', 'Syrup type' and 'Pill type' prescribed depends on the strength and condition of the disorder.


1.3 Normalization of autoimmune system functioning / Immunity strengthening / Hair growth restoration / Body tension release.


Fig.1. Korean Medicine (RH-1) intake for 6 weeks result on thymocyte subpopulation.

(In Experiment group application of CD+4(helper T cell) increase: immunity increase)

Normal: normal mouse

Contral: mouse with alopecia patch on back, provided with 6 weeks of saline solution.

Experiment: mouse with alopecia patch on back, provided with 6 weeks of Korean Medicine (Rh-1 pill).


Fig. 2 Korean Medicine (Rh-1) intake for 6 weeks result on Thymocytes subpopulation

(In Experiment group increase of B cells and T cells h with helper T cell: immunity increase and decrease of inflammation process)

Normal: normal mouse

Contral: mouse with alopecia patch on back, provided with 6 weeks of saline solution.

Experiment: mouse with alopecia patch on back, provided with 6 weeks of Korean Medicine (Rh-1).


1.4 Opportunity to deliver medicine abroad.

2. RH-2 spray

2.1 Tonic type external medicine for application 2 times a day on top of alopecia area.


2.2 Depends on each condition, ingredients and concentration are customized.

2.3 Provision of required nutrition for hair growth / Hair growth stimulation / Inflammation relieve.

2.4 Opportunity to deliver medicine abroad

3. Regeneration ampul.

3.1 External medicine for 1 time per week application on top of alopecia area.


3.2 High purity herbal extracts, patented formula

3.3 Direct stimulation of cells activity around follicle area / Hair growth promotion / Blood circulation improvement.


(8a > 8b > 8c > 8d: by stimulating stem cells activity of follicles, new hair growth process was observed)


3.4 Can be prescribed as well as for kids as pregnant women use.

3.5 Possible to be sent abroad.

*Program of alopecia treatment require to use all 3 types of the medicine mentioned above.

Treatment prognosis.

It is urgent to start treatment within 6 months after 1st alopecia spot were founded.

In case of alopecia treatment within 6 months right after 1st one or several patches were founded, it increases probability of treatment for more than 90%. Otherwise, starting treatment later than 6 months decreases changes of successful recovery (treatment start after 1 year decreases results of treatment till 70% only).

Alopecia appeared at the age younger than 15 y.o or for the period of menopause, should be treated consistently.

Arising of alopecia areata, Ophiasis Alopecia, alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis at young age or during period of menopause require longer period of treatment and in some cases may lasts several years. Due to the seriousness of the forms of alopecia, for the recovery it is important to be consistent in following all the doctor instruction from the begging of the treatment.

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