Male pattern

Male Pattern of hair loss is the most common type of baldness within male population.

This type is characterized by the presence of visible symptoms such as thinning hair at the hairline in the M-shape, O-shape of balding top of the head area and U- shape formed by a combination of M and O shapes.

Compared with the overall reduction in the amount of hair, Male Pattern of hair loss differs with a focal concentration of hair loss in top of the head stretching up to the forehead.

Unlike the female pattern, in most cases, the cause of the symptoms of male pattern of hair loss is heredity (70%). However, in the modern society there are cases of this type of hair loss that occurs not by genetic lineage. Therefore, Male Pattern baldness is also known as the "disease of modern society", as this pattern develops according to changes in food consumption and lifestyle. Modern society offers a variety of opprtunities in diagnosis and examination of hair loss symptoms, but they also affected by complicated changes.


  1. The weak functioning of the liver and the heart;
  2. Weak immune and cardiovascular system due to excessive stress and loads.
  3. Increased amount of the male hormone DHT
  4. Temperature increase of the scalp due to violations of the thermoregulatory system
  5. Lack of sleep and insomnia
  6. Skin inflammation and irritation
  7. Integuments damage from perming, coloring, and other physical and chemical procedures.
  8. Side effect of medication

Compared to a single cause of baldness, it is a complex of the above reasons has an impact on hair loss and baldness.

Stepwise Treatment:

  1. Strengthening the skin / scalp and restoration of the hair structure
    A variety of reasons related to the functions of the body system affects the state of hair integument. Diagnostic data will help determine the most appropriate techniques and methods of treatment.
  2. Strengthening integuments and restoration of the hair structure.
    Reducing the amount of falling hair, improving the state of the scalp, further stimulation of cell regeneration functions of the skin and scalp. This stage can be compared with the process of fertilizing the soil with minerals for a rich harvest in agriculture.
  3. Strengthening the structure and thickness of the hair.
    The impact on the structure of the hair shaft and growing hair follicles as well as new hair-springs. Improving the functions of the heart, liver and lungs, necessary to maintain growth and health of hair.
  4. Focused care and maintenance:
    To maintain the treatment results it is necessary to use medications and LMW cosmetic products for external application.

Treatment Methods:

  1. RH-0 (Drinking type): is the most effective therapeutic drug which eliminates the cause of the disease, affecting the most important organs for the healthy functioning of the human body such as circulatory system, hormonal balance, strengthening of the liver, heart and lungs.
  2. Rh-s(2): reducing the number of falling hair, as well as restoring integuments from irritation and inflammation.
  3. Rh-s: stimulation of blood circulation, enrichment of a follicle and a hair shaft power supply at the micro level.
  4. M-ointment:
    treatment components of ointment effectively stimulate the growth of a new hair and perfectly fits to anyone who recognizes the signs of an M-shaped pattern baldness