LeeMoonWon Super Hair Therapist Academy

It is aimed at foreigners who want to start a business or get a job in a scalp care center or beauty industry overseas

Training Fee: (KRW) 5,000,000 won
Recruitment number: 2 - 4 people
Training time: 35 hours (basic course/ master course/ professional course)

Training characteristics

1) The basic course consists of hair loss, scalp disease diagnosis, and hair loss theory/master course, scalp care skills, equipment usage/professional course, internship at Lee MoonWon Korean Medical Head Spa Certer to care for actual customers

2) professional course with Natural Herb Therapy Developed by Dr.Lee MoonWon Learn how to use Korean Medicine (Herba) together

3) Only those who have completed the LeeMoonWon Super Hair Therapist Academy can receive LeeMoonWon Korean Medicine (Herba) exclusively for the management office overseas

4) Completed students will be issued with Lee MoonWon Korean Medical training certificate and internship certificate, and their personal profile will be registered on the official website of Lee MoonWon Korean Medical and can be inquired at any time

5) If you want to quickly develop your practical skills (professional course), you can have more practical experience by adding courses

6) Francise Partners can receive scalp and hair care products that can be sold to customers such as Shampoo, Hair Pack, and Essential Serum

E-mail. leemoonwoon.international@gmail.com
Tel. +82 - 10 - 3377 – 0689