Scalp tissues irritation

"Oh, how bothered .. I smear ointment, drink medication, but nothing helps."

"Even during sleep, I accidentally touched the head and saw blood."

"I have the feeling that others keep away from me because of some weird smell coming from my head. "

The presence of scalp problems in most cases is observed in individuals often experiencing psychological burdens and mood swings, therefore they may feel constant heat head and face.

Cells affected by inflammation and other irritations are difficult to restore. Especially if this state lasted for several months or years. There are cases of inability to return the previous skin condition due to severe skin disrepair.


  1. Physical changes, stress, alcohol and junk food.
  2. The weak functioning of the liver and the heart due to excessive stress and loads;
  3. Negative impact from perming, coloring, and other physical and chemical procedures.
  4. Side-effects after consumption of medication
  5. Long use of head-wear, dry and hot climate, etc.
  6. Hormonal changes during the transitional period, after pregnancy state, a sharp change in the amount of hormones produced by the body.

Stepwise Treatment:

  1. Strengthening the structure of the skin: 
    In order to reduce overall temperature of the scalp, it is necessary to adjust the cardiovascular system that is responsible for the circulation process . Lowering the body temperature reduces the amount of dandruff and skin irritations.
  2. Strengthening the structure of the skin:  
    Improving circulation and lowering the temperature of the scalp, it is necessary to strengthen the scalp cells, giving strength to protect and fight against infections and external impacts.
  3. Maintaining healthy scalp results. 
    After complete recovery from inflammation and contamination of the scalp, moisture balance and scalp cells, as well as protection against the resumption of symptoms restore. Increasing the counteraction and body protection from psychological stress and other impacts.

Treatment Methods:

  1. RH-0 (Drinking type): is the most effective therapeutic drug which eliminates the cause of the disease, affecting the most important organs for the healthy functioning of the human body such as circulatory system, hormonal balance, strengthening of the liver, heart and lungs.
  2. Rh-s(2) : reducing the number of falling hair, as well as restoring integuments from irritation and inflammation.
  3. Rh-inflammation: monitoring scalp sebum secretions, stimulating blood circulation, regeneration of hair shaft and hair follicle, as well as creating a fertile base for the further hair growth.
  4. Rh-2 :stimulation of blood circulation, enrichment of a bulb and a hair shaft power supply at the micro level.
  5. М-ointment treatment components of ointment effectively stimulate the growth of a new hair and perfectly fits to anyone who recognizes the signs of an M-shaped pattern baldness
  6. Head Spa procedures: accelerating efficiency of skin inflammation and irritation treatment results, stimulation of scalp cells regeneration, healthy scalp maintenance support.