Full Head-Spa & Body fit(Back)

3 hours 30 minutes495,000KRW

Full Head-Spa & Body fit(Back) Program

We created a new Care Program by adding Body Fit(Back) Care to the most loved by our clients Lee Moon Won Head Spa program.
The program not only can maintain your health of you scalp, face, shoulders and back but also create beautiful back lines, make your hair healthy, create a smaller face as well as relax you – these all can be achieved through one program.
Or modern busy lifestyle gives us a lot of worries and anxieties and sometimes we accept them as a inevitable part of our lives. Also people started travel more and we have to adjust to the new surrounding in a short time and our body is more stressed than we think.
Due to this stress our face and scalp, shoulders and back become stiff, face looks older, you can start feeling pain in your shoulders and neck and your hair start falling and loosing its shine.
With the New Luxury Head-Spa program you can not only enjoy your traveling experience in Korea, but also get rid of anxiety and stress.

The program is suitable for people

  • - If you have stiff shoulders and pain occurring due to stiff shoulders
  • - If your body feels heavier than before and you get tired easily
  • - If you are gaining weight because of stress
  • - If your legs get swollen and you have bad blood circulation
  • - If you feel difficulties falling asleep and it is hard for you to wake up in the morning
  • - If your started losing hair gradually or they became frizzy
Full Head & Body fit(Back) Program order
Hair and scalp examination and consultation with Dr. Lee Moon Won
Through our hair examination we can check precisely condition of your hair and scalp. After examination and consultation we determine if you have dermatitis, thinning of your hair or hair loss.
According to this we customize Head-Spa program and if necessary we can recommend Korean traditional treatment for your case. Also, we can give you recommendations how to take care of your hair in everyday life and how to maintain their health.
If you haven’t had this kind of examination before come and spend meaningful and useful time for health of your hair.
Circulation improvement : Danggui (Korean angelica root) oil massage (Duration 10min)
- Applying Danggui oil all over the back and relaxing back muscles with hand massage.
Danggui oil was an oil used by Korean royal court and in Lee Moon Won clinic we make this oil using the same exact method as in ancient times. The oil has unique light scent that is also called the
scent that attracts kings. Also long time ago angelica root was given to sons and husbands who go to the battle field, because it has properties to improve energy and heal wounds. Danggui oil can improve blood circulation, skin regeneration and strengthen immune functions of the skin.
You can feel like a king during Lee Moon Won Head Spa procedure.
- Therapists in Lee Moon Won clinic use the unique techniques developed in Lee Moon Won clinic, they are trained and get tested every month according to 11 criteria to provide the best service to the clients. All the therapists have more than 3 year experience.
Body Fit Care of the Back (Duration 20~25min)
High-frequency warming therapy that stimulates dermis and muscle layers / High-frequency therapy for cellulite reduction / Improvement of muscle elasticity and relaxing inhalation therapy / Vibration therapy with massage effect to promote blood circulationThese 4 procedures are performed simultaneously.
The procedure has strain relief and back pain relief effect as well as improving elasticity of skin and muscles and fat burning effect. Through the procedure you can achieve beautiful body line and get rid of cellulite (back and waist line can be reduced up to 1-2 inches).
3rd step / Healing Massage of neck and shoulders (Duration 10 min)Relieving stress in shoulders and neck, improving blood flow to face and scalp. This procedure will improve hair growth and give youthful face line through improving skin condition.
Scaling and natural hair pack + steamer (Duration 40min)
Scalp scaling procedure removes all dead skin, dirt, dandruff that can cause itching, it also reduces redness and inflammation of the scalp. The scalp is becoming clean and healthy creating proper environment for hair growth.
Lee Moon Won natural hair pack consists of special medical ingredients (Korean traditional medicine) and natural extracts like winning the cold of winter and blooming Indongcho flower, strong Cheonnyoncho (eastern prickly pear) that can live the whole year, mushrooms that grow at the roots of pine tree and other natural ingredients. The mask has scalp calming, skin regeneration and improving of immune system effect.
Hair regeneration for strengthening, elasticity & volume Duration (40min)
Restoration of hair protein, creation of protection layer of the hair.
Hair regeneration mask pack is made of flower extracts - camellia flowers that blossom in February, plum flowers that blossom in March and cherry flowers that blossom in April. These extracts are mixed with avocado juice and plum seed oil and unique Lee Moon Won hair regeneration mask is created.
Full of spring strength hair regeneration mask is heated with warmth of therapists’ hands and is absorbed into the hair. Like a craftsman the therapist applies the mask to the hair strand by strand.
We can bring back spring to your rough, dull and weak hair.
Lee Moon Won hair growth medicine application and hair styling
We are applying the patented Lee Moon Won hair growth medicine to reduce hair loss and promote growth of new hair. After the Head spa the activity of scalp and blood vessels is high that is why the medicine is absorbed well and the effect is improved.
After that a hair stylist will dry and style your hair and you will feel like you were born again.
Voluminous, shiny hair styled in a beautiful hair style… Your imagination will come true here.

After hair styling we provide hair growth supplement drink BB FOOD. 1 pack of powder substance is mixed with soy milk.
(1 pack of BB FOOD is 5,000KRW)