Hormonal changes (40-50 age group)

Women and men who have reached the age category of 45 years are noticed to have year by year 1% reduction of their scalp hair coverage. However, due to many reasons this proportion often is much higher.

In an age category of 40-50 years, the causes of hair loss are associated with sudden changes of amount of hormones produced in the body (hormone level / count changes). These changes are reflected in the form of daily increasing amount of falling hair and reduction of the total hair volume.

Due to the hair volume reduction, hair becomes difficult to style and create a hairstyle. In addition, patients have often had to worry about the state of the hair before having a coloring or a perm.


  1. Changes in the amount of produced hormones in the body;
  2. Increased amount of stress hormones due severe worries and experienced emotional stress;
  3. deterioration of liver cells, heart and lungs, which play a major role in hair growth;
  4. The problem of excess weight and deterioration of venous system poor blood circulation;
  5. All possible diseases and associated complications.

Stepwise Treatment:

  1. Restoration of hormone functions:
    Changes in amount of hormones produced in the body directly affects the number of falling hair. Therefore, recovery and normalization of hormone production functions plays an important role in regeneration of the entire body system and the structure of the hair.
  2. Strengthening the body's stress resistance:
    With increasing age the weakening of the immune system endurance to stressful situations, psychological stress and overwork are observed. Therefore, strengthening the body's stress resistance and the stress hormone balancing is one of the most important points in the treatment.
  3. Improving the functions of the cardiovascular system:
    Thick blood treatment (also known as hypercoagulability, Antiphospholipids, and Hughes Syndrome), improving blood circulation of the body, restoring the functions of the organs, oxygen and mineral enrichment of skin cells of the entire body: the head, extremities and other components of the body.
  4. Strengthening the functions of the liver, heart and lungs:
    Among all the organs in the body system the liver, heart and lungs directly influence the hair growth and its physical features (thickness, structure, etc.), as well as regular hormone production.
  5. Strengthening the entire body:
    With increasing age the protective reaction of the body is weakening, so as a result we are more likely to get diseases. Therefore it is necessary to strengthen the overall immune system, balance and stability in normal body functioning, which is the key for achieving effective results treating hair loss.

Treatment Methods:

  1. RH-0 (Drinking type): is the most effective therapeutic drug which eliminates the cause of the disease, affecting the most important organs for the healthy functioning of the human body such as circulatory system, hormonal balance, strengthening of the liver, heart and lungs.
  2. Rh-s(1):reducing the number of falling hair, as well as enriching with necessary minerals and compounds to stimulate the growth of new shoots.
  3. RH-2:stimulation of blood circulation, enrichment of a bulb and a hair shaft power supply at the micro level.
  4. BB FOOD:contains the minerals necessary to the hair structure and compounds necessary for the strong and healthy hair growth. Complex of the compounds provides the entire body with daily dosage of nutrient and minerals.