LeeMoonWon Korean Medical Head Spa Franchise

The LeeMoonWon Korean Medical Clinic, renowned worldwide for its expertise in hair loss treatment, attracts over 2,000 patients from 60 countries annually.
Within the clinic, we proudly operate the LeeMoonWon Korean Medical Head Spa Center.
Our center utilizes external treatments with natural herb ingredients developed by Dr. Lee Moon Won, combining various techniques such as hair loss prevention, inflammation relief, hair regeneration promotion, hair growth promotion, sebum secretion control, blood circulation, and moisturization. As a result, our head spa offers exceptional treatment effects that surpass conventional methods.

LeeMoonWon Korean Medical Head Spa

For those who wish to do Lee MoonWon Korean Medical Head Spa business overseas, we are conducting the Francise business and the conditions for joining are as follows

1) The Franchise Brand loyalty (KRW) is 50,000,000 won and you can use the Lee Moon Won brand for 2 years per branch

2) At the Franchise branch, you can receive a stable supply of Korean Medicine (Herba) developed for hair loss management and scalp management at Lee Moon Won Korean Medicine (Herba)

3) If you don't have Head Spa Technic, you can get training directly at LeeMoonWon Korean Medical Head Spa Cernter
(The curriculum and contents are at LeeMoonWon Super Hair Therapist Academy )

4) The Franchise branch is introduced on the official website of Lee Moon Won Korean Medical

5) If you need Dr. Lee MoonWon's treatment, you can receive treatment with On-Line An official fee will be paid to the Franchise Partner

6) Franchise Partners can receive scalp and hair care products that can be sold to customers such as Shampoo, Hair Pack, and Essential Serum

7) If you have any other questions, please contact us by email or phone
E-mail. leemoonwon.bio@gmail.com
Tel. +82 - 10 - 3377 – 0689

LeeMoonWon Korean Medical Head Spa Franchise