About LMW Korea Co., Ltd.

LMW Korea Co. Ltd is a manufacturing company focused on the development and marketing of professional hair products. It is created by a specialized medical clinic whose activity is based on medicinal oriental herbs.

Dr. Lee Moon Won

Dr. LEE MOON WON is one of the pioneers in Korean medicine who initiated the development and production of medicinal products for hair loss in Korea.

As a doctor and professor of Korean medicine for over 13 years, he has provided treatment to local and overseas customers at LEE MOON WON Korean Medicine Clinic.

Currently, the hospital has handled over 50,000 cases of diagnosis and treatment, published 11 scientific papers, obtained special permits to use 2 universal formulas, and Dr. LEE MOON WON is the author and creator of 3 secret formulas for treating hair loss and scalp issues.

"Our LMW Korea Co. Ltd deeply appreciates your trust in us and will continue to improve in order to provide you with the best products and services, aiming for mutual prosperity and long-term partnership."
Dr.Lee Moon Won


"Specialized in hair loss and scalp treatment medical clinic LEE MOON WON."

Dr. Lee Moon Won created his own every day care product line for the patients. Medicated formula ingredients supports hair and scalp during the treatment and help to maintain condition after.

" Professional homecare line for hair beauty and support."

Simple in use and natural ingredients of product perfectly match requirements of each family member, providing hair care and support together with extra volume.

" High class beauty salons and spa centers."

LMW brand product was invented to help to people with weak hair to obtain attractive and healthy look. Using specialized product in salon or spa increases level of safety and quality for provided service.

About LMW Korea Co., Ltd.