LMW Korean Medicine Clinic

Unlocking the Potential of Nature for Hair Loss Treatment. Dr. Lee Moon Won, driven by the belief that hair loss can be more than just a slowdown, has dedicated himself to finding innovative solutions. Understanding that humans are an integral part of nature, he recognizes that the origins of nature hold the key to healing the body and soul. Inspired by this philosophy, Dr. Lee embarked on a research journey to develop advanced treatment methods for hair loss and related conditions. Join us on this transformative path as we harness the healing power of nature, providing effective and holistic solutions for hair loss.

In the face of initial skepticism, Dr. Lee Moon Won's unwavering determination paved the way for the establishment of a pioneering hair loss clinic. Today, we proudly stand as a unique institution, offering a comprehensive range of treatment methods for baldness, a curated line of medicinal products, and integrated services dedicated to addressing hair loss concerns. The Lee Moon Won Oriental Clinic embodies prestige and individuality in the field of Trichology, thanks to Dr. Lee's fusion of scientific approach and innovative methods. Discover the exceptional care and expertise that define LMW as more than just Korean Traditional medicine.

Experience the Powerful Fusion of Nature and Science in LMW, Perfected by Dr. Lee Moon Won.

Renowned worldwide for its exceptional methods rooted in Korean Traditional medicine, our clinic is dedicated to delivering unparalleled medical services.
With a committed staff, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible care, ensuring their journey towards hair restoration and overall well-being is met with expertise and excellence.

The Lee Moon Won Korean Medicine Clinic never stops in achieving its goals and objectives:
GOAL #1. Providing modern and scientific treatment methods for diseases of the scalp and hair.
GOAL #2. Laboratory studies on safety of medical drugs for the treatment of scalp and hair diseases
GOAL #3. Constant research on the improvement of medical products for scalp and hair diseases.
GOAL #4. Individual selection of medicinal products based on diagnostic data and other test results.