Lee Moon Won

Dr. Lee Moon Won, a leading doctor and director of the LMW Korean Medicine Clinic, dedicated all of his work and scientific studies to solve the hair loss and alopecia problem. Dr. Lee Moon Won is one of the first in Korean medicine, who started the development and production of medicinal products for hair loss treatment in Korea. (39,000 procedures per year, 10 research papers on Trichology, and 2,000 conducted laboratory trials)

Dr. Lee Moon Won, renowned for his pioneering efforts, has secured a patent for achieving an exceptional 90% success rate in extracting pure medicinal herb components for LMW products. We take immense pride in welcoming patients from across the globe to our esteemed clinic, where they can experience the remarkable expertise and unwavering dedication of Dr. Lee Moon Won. With his profound knowledge and compassionate approach, he has successfully enhanced hair health, alleviating the concerns and resolving the problems of numerous individuals, providing them with effective solutions for their hair-related worries.

Achievement on research

  1. Developing the oriental medicine which can apply to individuals physical constitution.
  2. Research on establishment of demonstration model for hair loss treatment
    (animal and human experiments)
  3. Research on hair loss/scalp disease helping scalp care system
  4. Research on newest medical information about hair loss/scalp disease
  5. Research on clinical demonstration about hair loss/scalp disease_


  1. Experimental studies on the factors related to hair loss in spontaneous hair loss mice models
  2. The studies on the factors related to normal hair growth during postnatal growth periods in C57BL/6N, hair loss and alopecia areata mice model
  3. In_uence of extracts of Biotae Orientalis on the e_ciency of hair growth in hair removed mice
  4. Experimental studies on the hair growth activity of fractions and extracts of Arisaematis Rhizoma in C57BN/6N mice.